Example Videos

  • Absolutely trivialized enterprise grade architecture database application with web and mobile user interfaces
  • Using existing abstraction
  • Abstraction architecture design
  • Generating complete design level documentation from abstracted system

The Last Consumer Trivializable Abstraction Code is only 35 effective lines (70 total, if counting full source with 20 lines of include directives and basic structure). Hardly an effort to support consumer level on top of existing full-scale software development abstraction stack.

Example for Mobile End User Making His or Her Own Application

The abstraction structure overview of the example video above.

Understanding The Power Behind The Abstractions

Having application totally controlled with abstractions will open up unrealistic business cases compared to current software development.

Subscribing to Reference Abstractions

Reference Abstraction providers can vary from single consultant to large software development enterprises. Every level of distribution is controlled and can be monitored.

To illustrate the total control, this technology suits perfectly for mission critical use, where every aspect of the distribution and source code must be within the organizations strict control.

Theory and Practice

How and when to create abstractions.

Architect Roles

Roles of different levels of architects within enterprise.

Breakthrough Differentiators

The breakthrough differentiators compared to existing model-driven or DSL technologies.


  • The model cleanly separates the roles of an architect, a senior developer and a developer. This alone improves the resource usage as the blocking downtime is greatly reduced.
  • Although this toolset is defined and built around Visual Studio, the generated code can be for any platform; .NET, Java, PHP, embedded…
  • Any other toolset for any other platform can also implement this; as only absolute requirement is for supporting XML schemas and XML properly.


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