Theory in Practice

  • Architecture visualization tools can be used to recognize and define the logical “boxes” within the software. However this is by no means necessary and no real documentation has to be produced of this stage.
  • Recognize the structure and create XML Schema for it.
    • Before becoming familiar with XML Schemas a visual editor such as Altova’s XMLSpy or Liquid’s XML Studio are of great help.
    • Annotation and document elements in schema should be used to document the design. They aid in the XML intellisense as well as they can be used to generate the supporting document for the design
  • Implement the supporting structure (the step 3 above) with traditional tools; VS 2010 + ReSharper fort example
  • Generate T4 template with Tangible T4 editor (for the intellisense and T4 Toolbox support)
    • There is no support for exporting the template from existing code; would be nice to have controlled/intelligent search-replace on copy-paste from .cs to .tt
  • T4 Toolbox provides custom tool action to be associated with .xsd schema to autogenerate the .ttinclude with the schema classes
    • This .ttinclude will provide the schema intellisense within the T4 editor
  • Fill up the schema implementing XML with any editor that provides XML intellisense with provided schema.

Visualization of Using Abstracted Block

Use Abstraction

Process Component Model

Process Component Model

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